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A2 Ghee and A2 Cows are part of ancient India since thousands of years. People in rural India had been consuming ghee made with billona/bilona method from centuries. Our traditional scriptures also depict butter (makkhan), curd (dahi), Ghee and A2 Cows (humped). Ayurveda states that apart from a lot of health benefits, A2 Ghee is also helpful in our spiritual and intellectual well being. Farmer and allied families living in deep interior village and rural areas of India have always made ghee using billona process. They have been consuming ghee made through this Vedic process for centuries. Multiple texts of Ayurveda mention benefits of ghee, Charak-Samhita also states many such benefits.

Vata and Pitta : Today's lifestyle and consumption of processed packaged food had disturbed Vata and Pitta of many people around. A2 Cow Ghee balances the aggravated Vata and Pitta Doshas (Imbalance) and works as a valuable dietary pacifier. 

Digestion : A2 Ghee is known for its easy Digestible Properties. It is a super food for everyone from children to elderly people. Butyric acid in Ghee helps in keeping the digestive tract lubricated, alleviate hardness in bowels and nourishes the cells of intestines. A2 Ghee helps in reducing inflammation and bloating-flatulence like symptoms. Ghee has a higher smoke point (250C or 482F) and unlike butter or oil it fastens the digestion process

Ojas or Vitality : A2 Ghee helps in nourishment of Vigor and Bodily Strength. 

  • A Glowing Complexion
  • Sparkling Eyes
  • Physical Strength
  • Plentiful Energy
  • Prompt Sense Organs
  • Zero Aches or Pains
  • Strong Immune
  • Light Body and Mind

Skin and Hair : A2 Ghee is a natural moisturizer. In our traditional Indian families, mothers and grandmothers have applied ghee for glowing skin and hair. As per Ayurveda, Ghee nourishes body from both inside and outside so it is helpful for healthy hair and skin. Regular applying of ghee on body by massaging can bring transformational change in your body. 

Sensory Organs : According to Ayurveda, intake of ghee is good for overall wellness of our sensory organs. A2 Ghee can be consumed alike by old, children or weak as it is beneficial for all age groups. Daily intake of A2 Ghee helps for your healthy and active Sight (eyes), Smell (nose), Taste (tongue), Touch (skin & hair) and Hearing (ears)



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Ravisastry Adhikarla

You people are doing utmost service to humanity and making india as HEALTH-India by giving people ojas tejas and spiritual power to uplifttheir life force i.e PRANA. Keep going. God is there with u….rather I can say within you.

Uma Shankar pandey

Difrenc in A2 desi cow and sahi gir Ghee

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