The Goodness of Ghee and Finely Chopped Fodder for Desi Cows

Our ancestors have taught us about The Goodness of Ghee. Indian Government has recently constituted Rashtriya Kamdhenu Aayog for conserving, protecting and developing Indigenous (Desi) Breed of Cows which are more than 40 in our country. We will now happily pass on The Goodness of Ghee to our coming generations and the world. 

In the past decades, increase in population and use of majority of land for farming activities had led to reduction of "Gauchar Bhumi" (Cow Grazing Land).

From Top North to Down South , our vast country has varied types of land, climate and rivers. The quantity and quality of grasses decrease greatly during hard climatic conditions. To avoid these situations, it is important that farmers make enough good quality green fodder available for their cows throughout the year. Farmer families aim to keep their cows healthy and achieve our goal of providing The Goodness of Ghee for our families. 

Importance of Finely Chopped Fodder for Cows : Green Fodder keep cows healthy and helps in production of nutrient rich milk and milk products like ghee, cheese, butter-milk etc. Legume and Cereal based crops are majorly used as fodder crop for cows.  A fodder crop usually gets ready for harvesting and feeding to cows after 45-60 days of planting. Farmers in villages practice cutting fodder from farms on a daily basis as per requirement for feeding to their cows. They cut green fodder from fields manually with hand fodder-cutting knives (“Drati”). Standing fodder Crop on fields keep on maturing day by day and improves in nutrients, weight and stem-size. So, it is important that fodder is chopped nicely before feeding to cows.  Farmers chop fodder into small pieces with traditional chop cutting (Toka or Kutar) machines.

Benefits of Finely Chopped Fodder for Cows :

  • It is easy for cows to chew small pieces of fodder especially when fodder crop is in 100-120 days of planting with strong stems.
  • Farmers can thoroughly mix grains into the finely chopped fodder for feeding to cows.
  • Finely chopped fodder is easy to digest
  • Reduces fodder wastage
  • Small heifers and calves can easily chew finely chopped fodder
  • Farmers can easily conserve finely chopped fodder in the form of silage and hay. It can be used for feeding to cows when rainfall is inadequate or on a higher side thus damaging crop in fields.                                                                                                                                                       
Feeding adequate and finely chopped fodder to cows improve nutritive value of milk. So, be grateful and thank Desi Indian Cows for The Goodness of Ghee


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