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Herbal Ashwagandha Ghee 250 ml

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Process of Preparing Ashwagandha Ghee :

Ashwagandha Ghee is made at our Farm basis traditionally recognized Ayurvedic method and Ayurved Sarsangraha.

Material :

  1. Superior quality Gir Cow Ghee made from milk of healthy Cows. Cows are grass and grains fed and hence the milk is of Superior Quality. The Traditional Bilona Gir Cow Ghee (A2)  is used in making of Ashwagandha Ghee.
  2. Additional Milk used while making Ashwagandha Ghee is also of Healthy Gir Cows (A2).
  3. Ashwagandha Root Extract is made and processed in-house at our Farm.

Method :

  1. Concentrate (Kwath) is prepared using dried Ashwagandha roots. The Kwath is traditionally filtered using fine muslin cloth.
  2. Fine Paste (Kalka) is made using Ashwagandha roots.
  3. Gir Cow Ghee and additional Gir Cow Milk are mixed with Kwath and Kalka. These are processed in Iron Vessel (Kadhai) over low flame with continuous stirring to make Ashwagandha Ghee.

Composition and Proportion of Materials in Ashwagandha Ghee :

One Part Gir Cow Ghee, Four Parts Gir Cow Milk, Four Parts Ashwagandha Concentrate/Kwath (after processing) or Seventeen Parts Ashwagandha Concentrate/Kwath (before processing), One Part Ashwagandha Fine Paste (Kalka)

Distinguishing Feature of our Ashwagandha Ghee :

Bilona method (Cultured) A2 Gir Cow Ghee fortified / infused with traditionally grown Ashwagandha Herb.


Relevance and Usefulness of Ashwagandha Ghee in Present World :

There are many useful Herbs in India. Ashwagandha is one of them and can be consumed in many ways. Our traditional knowledge have inspired us to consume Ashwagandha with Ghee. Ayurveda had suggested making Herbal Ashwagandha Ghee using milk of Indigenous (Desi) Cows.

Since Ghee had been described as best among lipids by ayurveda, Ghee’s  inheriting quality and potency is enhanced by infusing ashwagandha herb in it. Ashwagandha Ghee naturally transfers vital properties of herb deep into the tissues of your body.


Beneficial Attributes of Ashwagandha Herb :

Ashwagandha is an extraordinary medicinal herb and is being used in Ayurveda science for more than 3000 years. Ashwagandha is classified as an adaptogen and is having many health benefits. This incredibly powerful herb naturally calms your nervous system, gives strength and vitality. Being an adaptogen, ashwagandha helps in managing stress and anxiety along with enhancing energy levels and vigour.

Ayurveda has considered Ashwagandha a “Rasayana” (Natural Chemical) which may help in reducing blood sugar levels, increase muscle strength and boost male reproductive system. The herb is believed to help in conditions like rheumatism and insomnia.  Introducing Ashwagandha in your daily diet may reduce risks related to cancer, neuro degeneration and arthritis.

Usage of Ashwagandha Ghee :

1-2 tbs per day. Can be consumed straight with warm water, by spreading over toasts or rotis, adding in warm grains or warm milk, can also be used while routine cooking.


Saahi Gir hereby add a Disclaimer that people suffering from any ailments or Pregnant and lactating mothers should consult their doctors or ayurvedic experts before starting ashwagandha ghee. Our product is not intended  to replace any medical advice or treat any conditions.